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Default Bucephalandra, NLJF, Moss, Bonsai Driftwood, Aqua Soil

Just do some maintaining and cleaning up my tanks. So I take some pictures and here are what I have to offer (what you see is what you get):

Shipping is $8 extra for plants and can be combined!!!


1/ Bucephalandra assorted - $25

2/ Bucephalandra var. Hades - $35

3/ Bucephalandra var. Hades - $35

4/ Bucephalandra var. Apple Leaf - $20

5/ Bucephalandra var. Apple Leaf - $15

6/ Bucephalandra var. Brownie Amanda - $16

7/ Bucephalandra var. Brownie Amanda - $15

8/ Bucephalandra var. Brownie Amanda - $18

9/ Bucephalandra var. Deep Blue - $9

10/ Bucephalandra var. Kedagang - $14

11/ Bucephalandra var. Lamandau - $18

12/ Bucephalandra var. Mini Kedagang - $16

14/ Bucephalandra var. Mini Kedagang - $16

15/ Bucephalandra var. Mini Venus - $16

16/ Bucephalandra var. Mini Venus - $9

17/ Bucephalandra var. Silver Biblis - $25

18/ Bucephalandra var. Silver Biblis - $35

19/ Narrow Leaf Java Fern
$10 for 20+ leaves bunch
$20 for 50+ leaves bunch

Some other plants/moss available to add on:
Rotala Green/Rotundifolia - $5/10 stems (20+ stems available)
Myriophyllum Mattogrossense red - SOLD/5 stems (5 stems available)
Anubias nana petite - $5/10+ leaves portions (5+ portions available)
Anubias Barteri - $5/10+ leaves plantlet (2+ plantlets available)
Peacock moss - SOLD/golfball size portion (4+ portions available)
Minitaiwan moss - $10/golfball size portions (2+ portions available)
Flame moss - SOLD/golfball size portion (2+ portions available)
Stringy moss - $6/golfball size portion (4 portions available)

20/ Bucephalandra sp. Skeleton King - SOLD/plant (10+ plants available). Plants will be random pick. Please look at the photos for size reference. Order with Bucephalandra Skeleton King will not be able to ship out till next week.

21/ Rare Minitaiwan moss growing on 2x2in stainless steel mesh - $10/each (4 available)

22/ Bucephalandra individual plants. Choose from the list below. Each plant comes with 8+ leaves portion and I normally very generous with it. Mini and small varieties will receive more leaves

$30/5 plants
$55/10 plants

Bucephalandra var. Melon
Bucephalandra var. Brownie
Bucephalandra var. Hades
Bucephalandra var. Lamandau Mini
Bucephalandra var. Kedagang Mini
Bucephalandra var. Mini Hades
Bucephalandra var. Lamandau
Bucephalandra var. Brownie Amanda
Bucephalandra var. Cherry
Bucephalandra var. Silver Biblis
Bucephalandra var. Apple Leaf
Bucephalandra var. Venus Mini

23/ Aridarum Caulescens - $18/plant (random pick, 4+ plants available)

24/ Bonsai driftwood tree - Many types and size for nano to large tank (pm for actual pictures)
Small - $30/tree and up
Medium - $50/tree and up
Big - $80/tree and up

25/ Brightwell Aquatics Shrimp and Plants Aqua Soil. Choose from Brown or Black color substrate and granual size.
5lbs bag - $22
15lbs bag - $50

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Default Re: Bucephalandra, NLJF, Moss, Bonsai Driftwood, Aqua Soil

Hello. I am very interested in placing an order. I am new to this forum. Thank you
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