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Default What Fertilizers should I be using?

Hello all. I'm rather new to the Planted Tank world, although not to the world of aquariums, as I've run several Salt Water Reef Tanks over the years.

I've got a little 5 gallon Freshwater Planted Tank I set up in a Fluval Spec 5 a little over a month ago, and am wondering what SeaChem Fertilizer Regimen I should be using.

I'm running Co2, using an Ultum Nature Systems "Nature BottleĒ ó at least until I decide what direction to go with a more permanent solution. I put in a Fluval Co2 drop checker about a week ago and it's showing a constant green.

As far as lighting I'm running a Finnex Planted+ 24/7 CC, which is rated at 17 watts.

Currently fertilizing 3 times a week with .6ml dose of Flourish, and once a week with a macro nutrient from API called Leaf Zone which claims to have Iron and Potassium.

Hereís the list of all the plants Iíve currently got stocked in the aquarium:

Rotala Wallachi
Japanese Pennywort
Monte Carlo
Pearl weed
Ludwigia Crystal
Tonina Belum
Mermaid Weed

And here's the Fish:

2 Guppies (Male)
2 Danios (There were 3, but one jumped.)
6 Neon Green Rasboras. (About a half inch each, if thatÖ)

2 Horned Nerites
3 Crystal Reds
3 Crystal Blacks
2 Cherrys.


A mix of Fluval Stratum and Ultum Nature systems Controsoil Extra Fine Black. Itís about 3 inches deep.

The tank is cycled and currently running about 10 ppm Nitrate. There is no Nitrite or Ammonia, and my PH is holding stable between 6.4 and 6.6.

Iíve been doing weekly water changes of 25 to 50% depending on if Iím doing any Aquascaping or not. Currently using tap water with Safe Start to remove the Chlorine.

Iíd like to switch over to all Seachem products, as they served me well in my Marine Reef Tanks. Could someone advise me what regime Iíd need for this setup? Iím okay ditching the bottle of Leaf Zone.

Thanks so much,

Davey Jones
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Aquatic Plant Central > Vendors > Seachem > What Fertilizers should I be using?

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