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Default Purigen question

Trying to use purigen for the first time due to my water being cloudy in a planted tank hoping to resolve the issue. I put 100ml into a mesh bag and placed it in the filter of a 55g tank. The next day the purigen beads turned yellowish-tan some brown, but the water is still cloudy. I am going on day 2 almost 3 and the purigen beads are the same color and the tank cloudiness looks unchanged. Any recommendations? Should I recharge the purigen with 1:1 bleach/water or add more purigen? Is my purigen already exhausted?

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Default Re: Purigen question

Move bag around some to allow flow to all the media.
When Purigen is completely exhausted all beads will almost be black.
I regenerate when all the media is a good brown color.
The more dissolved organics in your water the quicker it changes colors.

I have tested other organic scavenging resins in the industrial market place with different regeneration methods.
Purigen seems to be the real performer for the aquarium even though bleach is used to regenerate.
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