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Default Deficiency in Ludwigia sp red mini

My Ludwigia sp red mini has been showing some unusual colors in its leaves that eventually fall off. The color is a grayish green I would say. They still show new growth but some still show these leaves. Tank is a month old.

Setup and parameters are the following:

20 gal
Amazonia light substrate
Twinstar 400 SA at a photo period of 7 hours
CO2 on 2 hours before lights on and 1 hour before the end of the photoperiod. Using the twinstar light switch dimmer I have the light on the 4th intensity level which about 60% the lights possible intensity.

Co2 cuts off at 40ppm with my drop checker at light green/yellow for the remaining photoperiod.

I am EI dosing GLA powdered ferts:

1/8 Tsp KNO3
1/32 tsp KH2PO4
1/32 tsp K2SO4
1/32 tsp CSM+B(trace)

Dosing macros and micros on alternating days. With a 50 to 60% WC on the 7th day using RO remineralized with salty shrimp kh/gh+..

My parameters are solid at 0/0/20, kh of 3 and a gh of 6. pH is 7.2

Below is a link to a picture of my plant, the leaves are circled.

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