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I would definitely say 10-12 days at a minimum. You do not want to rush the process and end up having a flood in your home. I have a friend who resealed a 220 gallon tank and was so anxious to set it up he only let it sit for about 7 days. it was fine and dandy for a few weeks until one day he got from work and one glass pane of the tank gave out and water and fish were all over his apartment. not only did he lose all of his discus fish and live plants, the water damaged the hardwood floors as well as his neighbors ceiling below and carpeting. he had a lot of water damage and had to pay a lot out of pocket and finally the landlord evicted him as a result! Take your time and don't rush it- it's worth the wait!
I wrote several articles on this topic in my blog that can be found here.
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