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Originally Posted by dwalstad View Post
I wouldn't blame your tank or your fishkeeping skills until I knew the history of these Endlers. Sex ratios can be altered by pH, temperature, and inbreeding. I'd put my money on inbreeding, since it is pervasive in the aquarium hobby. Everyone just breeds siblings as if there were no consequences.

I'm still trying to find this scientific reference in my files referring to Zebrafish sex ratios: "WIK lab strain went from 80% females to 72% in males after inbreeding to F=0.375 (Brown 2012)."
There is a lot of inbreeding in this tank, in fact, I think originally I put in only half a dozen endlers and the tank has been running for years now. I don't know what I could do, should I keep male guppies separate from females? Inbreeding just happens in a community tank.

Temperature is around 22C, pH is not acidic, its a hard water NPT.

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