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Originally Posted by hoppycalif View Post
Do you have a light fixture made for aquariums? What brand, etc? Does the light have good reflectors for each bulb? That information determines how much light you are getting from the bulbs, and that determines how important it is that the CO2 be adjusted to be as high as the fish can tolerate.
The lights are fixed in the hood with reflectors the CO2 drop checker just starts to go yellow at end of running cycle it comes on 2 hours before lights and are on and goes off 1 hour before lights off. The drop checker remains green all through the night. The bubbles from diffuser are sucked up into the FX5 intake so I'm getting good CO2 saturation and PH drops over 1 point during that time.

All stock are fine with no signs of stress or gasping

This was the tank on the 1st of this month

And this is now 27 days later

As you can see the growth has been good

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