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Default What to do with extra bristlenose?

About 6 months ago I set up a couple small aquariums, one to be planted. Got some plants from LFS & from a DFWFishBox member. Got some Endlers & BN babies. A few months later my kid comes to me & says you've got baby BN in the tank. I didn't think that was possible, but sure enough I saw a few babies. Dug out my BN breeding caves from about 10 years ago .... I now have had 4 or 5 clutches of babies! Set up some of my extra aquariums I had but have another month to go before they will be cycled. The babies aren't big enough to sell yet, but my planted tank is being overwhelmed. Staghorn & beard algae is started. Now doing 1/3 water tank changes weekly & may start doing it twice a week. Haven't gotten to the store to get Excel to try to clear up the algae. In the meantime I've set up small 2 gallon containers under grow lights to move out the plants. In other words I've got a mess. DNA & Exotic Aquatics will take the babies when they are big enough but have no clue how much they'll give me for them. They are regular, a few albino, & one of the female adults looks to be calico. Hoping some of the babies will turn calico. Wanted longfin BN but no one close at the time had some. And then I found out DFWFishBox is no longer. I plan on moving adults around once the tanks are cycled to stop the breeding.

Any suggestions?
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