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Default Tiny species of pest Ramshorn snail

Hi everyone,

I got a few plants from another local hobbyist which unfortunately introduced a very tiny type of Ramshorn snail. They are the ones with a very flat disk shaped shell (not like the fancy ramshorns that a lot of people like to keep) and they only grow to be a few millimeters across. I'm having a lot of trouble getting rid of them (I know they are harmless, but I don't want them mixing with the shrimp colony I am planning to start, for feeding reasons). I believe my Betta, who became constipated and stopped eating, may have eaten too many of them (shell and all). They are in a 10g with a few Ensler guppies.

So far I have put in an assassin snail, but after 10 days the assassin nearly stopped moving, so I think he was not eating these snails and was starving. I've now bought a dwarf chain loach, which I am hoping will go to work. I even dewormed the whole tank a while back, and these tiny snails pulled through.

If the loach doesn't work, does anyone have any recommendations? I'm looking to eradicate them, not just control the population.

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