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Smile GH and KH issues


My well water (untreated) has a KH of 38 and a GH of around 1-2. I've done the African cichlid thing and while they breed and love it, I'd really like to make this a community tank. My pH is around 8.5 and it's a 65 gallon tank.

Looking for stocking suggestions. My original plan was for apistos, guppies, platys, emperor tetras, harlequin rasboras, panda cories....but now I don't even know what to think. Do I have soft water with a high buffering capacity that will keep the pH constant?

Also looking for plant stocking suggestions for low tech, no CO2 tanks (don't mind adding Flourish or root tabs). This is the light I bought:
From my research I have java fern, java moss, pennywort, Christmas moss, some of the ludwigias, bacopa, hygrophilia...anything to add or delete from those? I'm going for more of a hardscape but would like a few plants. I don't have anything fancy for a substrate..just black coal slag.

Thanks for the help!

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