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Default Re: Live fish food - Grindal worms

Originally Posted by jatcar95 View Post
I want to try raising some live food for my betta, I have some brine shrimp eggs on the way. I hadn't heard of grindal worms before though and it sounds as if they may be a good option as well. @mysiak, how did you go about starting (specifically obtaining) a culture of them?
Grindal worms are usually sold as a "starter culture" - a small box with a piece of media with worms in it. If you're lucky and don't live too far away from the seller, you can obtain a fully grown media as well. I'm not sure in which country you live, so can't really advise about the best source for you. eBay or some other fish breeder would be your best bet. Once you get the starter culture, you will need to inoculate your own breeding media (basically meaning adding a few worms in each box ). First few weeks will need a very sparing feeding, but once the colony establishes, they will eat about 1 tea spoon of food per "medium" box every day (obviously depending on the size of the box).

Currently I'm running 5 boxes - 1 with "artificial" sponge media and 4x natural coco-peat. Coco-peat provides the best results for me, but I still keep the sponge as a "backup". In case that something happens to one of the boxes, I can re-start the culture from this one.

I experimented with different foods for worms for a while, but ordinary ground oatmeal flakes are the best - they don't spoil so quickly and worms eat them without issues. And even if they get to the fish tank with worms, it shouldn't present any issue as they are often a part of staple fish food anyway.
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