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Default Re: Live fish food - Grindal worms

Originally Posted by mistergreen View Post
Foods with preservatives in them are better for me like cat food or store bread. Natural foods spoil/mold too fast in my environment. I sometimes add supplemental nutrients to the foods like protein powder, nutritional yeast, and a little spirulina.

I lost my grindal worm culture but my white worm is still going. White worms are larger version of grindals and they live in 55F-70F. They stop breeding above 70F. Grindals do better in temperatures above 65F.
Thanks for sharing your experience. I am using glass cover over the culture media - worms stick to it and it's very easy feed them to fish this way. I'm not sure that I could spread cat food under the glass evenly and in such a thin layer as with ground oat meal flakes. I will try giving them some old dry bread crumbs though, sounds like it might work. We don't have cats and wife would get a bit suspicious if I brought a bag of cat food home. Btw. oatmeal flakes are perfect if worms eat them in less than 2-3 days. So unless I overdo it, they don't mold or go sour. Soy flour, spirulina powder and sponge biscuits went bad in just 1 day, so I don't use them anymore, even if other breeders swear by them.

I have the breeding boxes in the cabinet right above the tank, minimum temperature is about 22C (~71F) in winter and reaching 28C (~82F) during summer - that's with two fans cooling the tank and cabinet. From what I read, that's just too much for white worms, but ideal for Grindal.
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