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Default New Build Dec 2019

Hello All!

Starting my first dirt tank. Looking to go all Walstad.

Tank is a 55, and currently empty, so nothing lost yet.

Let's start with my water. Mine comes from a 450' well. Tasty stuff! Straight from the tap, parameters are:

From the county health department:
pH 6.0
Alkalinity, Total 47
Hardness, Calcium 160
Hardness, Total 190
Nitrate + Nitrite as N 6.83
TDS 444
Copper 0.13
Iron <0.10
Lead <0.005

From my LFS:
KH 7 dKH
GH 16 dGH

Soil substrate will be dirt from my yard. Have some kitty litter to mix with the dirt. Cap will be PFS.

Any magic I should add to the soil given my water?
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