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Default Re: New Build Dec 2019

Copper is a little high, but otherwise water looks good. I have well water myself and this is almost always a plus. Lots of hard water nutrients...

Dirt from the yard will be a mineral soil with clay already in it--unless it's a desert soil. You don't need kitty litter. Rather, I would mix in a cup or two of compost or potting soil. This non-acidic, added organic matter will produce CO2 for plants and help them get started.

Success will depend on many factors: lighting, soil depth, sand depth, having enough adapted plants to start out with, how much cleaning you do, etc.

Generally, I recommend that people start out with a smaller tank. My article 'Small Planted Tanks for Pet Shrimp' is on the aquarium page of my website. It explains how to ease into keeping an NPT (Natural Planted Tank).

However, if you have read my book, have the plants and some experience with planted tanks, far be it from me to "rain on your parade." And it will be fun to follow your progress.
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