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Default Re: New Build Dec 2019

Hello Diana!

Of course I have your book. I have had it perhaps 10 years. Marvelous stuff.

Soil is going to have to wait a few days, as we are suffering freezing rain at the moment. Dirt is on the way soon.

So, while I wait for dirt, time to think about plants. I live in Northern Virginia where there are tons of hobbyists. But, I am not socialized yet, and with the holidays, I doubt I can get local help with "enough adapted" plants anytime soon.

Local retail offerings are not very appealing and absurdly expensive. I have been looking at They sell some plants in bunches for what seems a good deal, but I don't know what plants to get or how many. I have a Fluval Plant 3.0 if that makes any difference. Hopefully lighting will not be a problem.

Thoughts anyone?
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