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Default Re: Mid-high lighting recommendations

Lights are not "high" light or "low" light. They produce a light intensity vs. distance, and have a length that limits the tanks they can be effective on. You get "high" light by using a light fixture that gives you more than 60 or so PAR at the distance you plan to put the light - distance from substrate to the light fixture. A light fixture that gives you 70 PAR at the substrate, when it sits on top of the tank, will not give you high light if you suspend it 10 inches above the top of the tank. So, when you are selecting a light you keep in mind that you might want to suspend it above the tank, for several reasons, or you might want the light to sit on top of the tank. You can make that decision first, and look for the light that gives you the PAR you want when mounted at that distance, or you can pick a light fixture that has the price and features you want, and then decide how high it has to be to give you the PAR you want. That's why I couldn't just recommend a light for you. (When a light is suspended above the tank, you don't need it to be the same length as the tank, because the light spreads out from the ends of the light, letting you use a shorter and cheaper light.)

It can be very hard to pick a light, because not all manufacturers provide the PAR vs distance data you need to make the decision. And, new light fixtures are available every year. I used to try to keep up with what was available, and keep data on their PAR vs distance, but I no longer do that.
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