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Default Re: Syngonium to help polish water...

Originally Posted by mistergreen View Post
I use water iris for my pond. These plants are beasts at soaking up nutrients. Water hyacinths also. You can have a sump of water hyacinth out of the way to give your aquatic plants some light.
Really,if you live in a mild climate you really could put a pond/ marsh/basin outdoors and plumb it return to the tank. In a place like Florida or South Texas that would be much,more doable. In that kind of can grow rotifers and daphnia...with that being an extra food source for the fish in your mega sized front room show tank. All you need is a strong calcium reactors,no protein skimmers,no this and that and then more!..just moving water.
No Co2. You're not contributing to GW.

I've added star grass,Alternanthera and in a few months will update the look. Just moving twisty branches into the Syngonium roots looks super they are all one plant. Fish love it.
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