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Default Re: Live fish food - Grindal worms

I noticed that when I'm harvesting worms from the glass cover, there are fully grown Grindal worms and a lot of tiny worms, which I initially thought are baby Grindals. I stumbled upon information that these are in fact "micro worms" (the free-living nematode Panagrellus), which are being said to often occupy Grindal cultures and sometimes even over running them. Recently I've been harvesting maybe 5-10x more of these "micro worms" than Grindal worms. No idea where they came from and my fish fry seem to prefer them, so I don't really complain. However for my bigger fish I'd like to keep "pure" Grindal cultures. Any idea how could I promote growth of Grindal worms and suppress the micro worms living with them?

Just thinking about it, I should first confirm that they indeed are not Grindal worm babies, so I'm going to separate a bunch of them into a separate container and see if they'll grow in size or just in numbers. Not sure that I can do any other "investigation" without a microscope.
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