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Default Old plant grower, LCD lights, needs heip!

I've been growing aquatic plants with some success for more than 20 years. My tanks have been low tech and soil-based, with no added nutrients except fish waste. And light. And that's the source of my question.

I'd been using about 2 watts per gallon of T12 and T8 fluorescent tubes, usually in shop light fixtures. Everything was rosy. Then the tubes and the fixtures started to die, and replacements were hard to find, then impossible. I bit the bullet and decided to buy a LCD fixture for my 29. I got a recommendation and bought one about 3 years ago. The price was quite high but the light was amazing. The plants did great!

But the price was too high to justify buying LCD's for my smaller tanks. I made do with various combos of screw-in LCD bulbs and desktop fixtures, but this was barely acceptable. Then I recently found some LCD fixtures in a Pets-whatever at very reasonable prices.

So after all these words, here are my questions:

1. With tubes, I knew that 2 WPG would work. How is LCD lighting measured? By the number of LCD's in the fixture? By lumens? PAR. if it's available (but there are so many variable . . )?

2. With the tubes I would chose a Kelvin of 5000 - 6500 with a CRI in the mid-90's. What
metrics are used in the LCD world?

3. It could be my eyes, but it seems to me that the LCD's don't illuminate the sides of fish as well as the older bulbs. Do the tubes produce a more diffused light? Are the LCD's more point-to-point, like lasers?

Thanks for your help and your patience. <g>

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