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Default DIY fish bandage

My pearl gourami had a little injury and the guppies kept picking at it. It wouldn't heal after a couple of weeks. I caught the fish, put it on wet paper towel, cover its head with the paper towel so it doesn't freak out. I sprinkled kanaplex on the wound. Sprinkled water on it to wet it. Apply a sprinkle of Konjac Glucomannan which I had laying around. Wet the Konjac, and it gelled instantly.

I released the fish and the konjac formed a pretty good bandage. Konjac is a dietary fibre. I ordered a package of Methylcellulose for fun to see if it's any good as a bandage. The konjac forms a thick, firm gel. Let's see if the Methycellulose forms a more flexible gel. I had forgotten I had the konjac and ordered the methycellulose.

The guppies are picking at the bandage but hopefully they stop after a while.
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