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Default Re: New Build Dec 2019

Time for an update.

Rooted plants are Bacopa, and Vals in a small collection in a corner. Will get more rooted plants this weekend. Doing great. Need lots more rooted plants

Hornwort doing great, which I planted for whatever reason.

Water lettuce growing out of control. Massive trim weekly.

2 dozen neons, 1 dozen glow lights, 1 dozen red miner tetras (nasty nippy things which must go), two green corys.

PH 7.0
Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate ~5
TDS 257
Temp rock solid 78

No pics because my tank is really ugly at the moment.

Getting these volcanic bubble eruptions from the soils several times a day. No sulfur smell. Seriously lots of gas eruptions. Seems like it started a week or so ago.

Had the tetras a few weeks. Added 3 green corys a few days ago. One died hours after I got it home. The other two doing fine. Various snails from big to tiny.

Appetite seems fine, though perhaps a bit less enthusiasm the last few days.

Today, I lost 3 neons. Very puzzled.

Why the sudden neon deaths?
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