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Default Re: Need a large quantity of Java Fern

Link to Giant (and smaller Globes) as in the following image. The water looks murky (my bad photography) but it was crystal clear). Balanced and only ONE betta in it. I used the old fashioned Dr. Innes method of aquarium set up (adding plants slowly and later fish slowly to allow the bio "bugs" to adjust and gwow).

Link below to a product called bio digesters. (does not replace a tad of taking water off the bottom and replacing with fresh, like when it rains. I would use heated, ph adjusted, filtered water - NYC water was nasty - I kept in large garbage tubs and just dribble it in from the top - no rash adjustments for the occupants) but keeps the aquarium water crystal clear.

Called biodigesters for ponds but the person with whom I spoke sold me a smaller amount (think someone on one of the older aquarium sites bought it in bulk and sold it in smaller quantities). Link below.

BioDigesters - “The Natural Alternative to Chemicals”

Put a small pinch (teeny) in cup of same aquarium water - let sit then put into filter. Use as needed (each water partial so on)... a teeny bit goes a long long way. You will see little bugs hopping, swimming, zooming about in a few days - harmless and beneficial bio cultures!
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