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Default Re: Sunsun Canister Filter Opinions

Originally Posted by Michael View Post
I used an Eheim with a flow rate of 265? gph on my 40b for years and it was plenty, so 525 gph would be more than enough.

Is this for your Walstad tank? If so, choose a filter that allows you to easily use mechanical media only. This is all you need. Biomedia may actually be counter-productive because it coverts the ammonia that plants use very easily to nitrate which is more difficult to use.
Thanks for the insight, Michael. I hadn't thought about that, only that I needed a filter. When I had a reef tank, I used a DSB, sump and protein skimmer. Since setting up this 20H tank that I've got now (planted, but not as much as I'm seeing around here), I'm using a HOB filter (Fluval 50). The whole canister filter subject is new to me, and I'm not finding that much objective information out there. It seems like the lion's share of search results point to folks trying to sell me stuff, rather than to educate me so that I can make a wise decision on what to get. Very frustrating.

Anyway, in response to your suggestion, it looks like the sunsun can be used with pretty much any type of media you'd prefer. The most current model that I'm seeing is the 704B, which comes with four media baskets. That should hold a world of media.
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