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Default Re: American made vs off shore.

Originally Posted by TAB View Post
Lately i have been looking to buy products that are made some where other than china. I understand cheap labor, but if you had a choice would you buy something made in say the usa vs china? Even if the cost was 10-25% more?

The more i look at products for aquariums, the more i think about actually starting a company to build odds and ends in the us
It will be difficult to compete with China in aquarium products. There are 10x more hobbyists in China 100x bigger fish markets in every big city, and more innovative products to meet local demand.

Today, China no longer enjoys the lowest labor costs in comparison to SE Asia and Africa, but makes many good quality products notwithstanding some poor quality counterfeits for quick profit. Unlike US, China has a large motivated work force, no dependency on welfare, and capitalists there are willing to accept low profit margins to gain market.
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