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Default Re: Treating shrimp disease with aquarium salt

Hello, thank you for your reply and sorry for getting back so late. I couldn’t find the above meds in the local market, so I tried the aquarium salt method, but unfortunately I went too far...

As suggested in the link above, I dissolved 1tablespoon in 1 cup of water (approx 250ml) and dipped the female and the healthy(?) male for 40-45 seconds. The infected male stayed there for 60s. Afterwards I put them in a container with treated tap water for a few minutes, while I did a full water change at the bowl. All back into the bowl, seemed ok in the beginning. I inspected with a magnifying glass, all heads seemed clear of the parasite. No molts so far, but I’ll remove them if I spot any.

After a few minutes the female and one of the males acted casually, but the other male didn’t. I noticed him with stiff legs and fanning swimmerets not being able to hold height in the water column, then stayed on the substrate like paralyzed on his side. That made me think that I caused him osmotic shock. At some point he seemed to get back to life, but later on I saw him on his side again. I rotated the bowl to take a closer look, but the female arrived and started feeding off him. At that point I realized that he wouldn’t be racing with his buddy round the bowl any more, so I removed him…

So was it osmotic shock that caused his death? Was it the duration of the dip too long, or is it possible that he was weak already due to the infection and wasn’t able to make it?

Thanks in advance
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