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Default Re: Ever heard of a plenum?

My take on the whole plenum concept -
It takes up space, the potential downside is way larger than the benefit it might provide (until a sulfur pocket nukes your livestock).

The main benefit is supposed to be that you get lower nitrates.
There's an easier, safer way to do this...
Just run a really, really long (like 10m or more) piece of airline tubing from your aquarium into a nice dark, dark, completely sealed from light, darkroom quality kind of dark box, where coils and coils of tubing sit in total darkness.
Then you hook the other end to a low flow rate peristaltic pump that draws from the tank. If you do it right - right flow, right tubing length, darkness, you will eventually have anaerobic NO3 fixing bacteria in the box of tubing. There's no mulm to convert to H2S, it just lowers your nitrate. If it goes too low (<20 or 30ppm), you either shorten your amount of tubing in the box a little or increase the flow rate of the pump a little.
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