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Default Re: Treating shrimp disease with aquarium salt

Thanks for the heads up!

If it reoccurs, I can get a tablet of Drontal cat, which is a cat dewormer that contains Praziquantel. Namely: 230 mg Pyrantel embonate and 20 mg Praziquantel

The “instructions paper” also mentions a term that I do not know to translate. According to Google, it could be “excipients” which I think makes sense, so here goes:

Excipients: Cellulosemicrocrystalline, Polyvinylpyrrolidone25, Magnesiumstearate, Silicondioxidecolloidal, Starchmaize
Coating composition: Hypromellose, Polyethyleneglycol4000, Titaniumdioxide

This tab is meant to be used at a ratio of 1 per 4kg of cat body mass (but that might not be important for our case). So my questions would be:

a) Are the above active substances and other ingredients same for shrimp and aquarium in general?
b) This is a tablet (more like a pill) so as mistergreen says, I’d have to crush and dissolve in alcohol. Is alcohol safe for aquarium? Around what concentrations? Will it eventually dissolve in DOC, or perhaps pose a threat to invertebrates? I am thinking of dissolving in ethanol 95% v/v and diluting that mixture until I get the right concentration.

Do the above sound good? Thanks in advance!
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