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Default Re: Setting up a new 29gal NPT

Originally Posted by dwalstad View Post
You might want to tell us why you are using RO water instead of tapwater.

And I couldn't find the ingredient list for "Salty Shrimp."
Indeed, and unfortunately, there is no published ingredient list for SaltyShrimp products. The one I am using is Shrimp Mineral GH/KH+
It is recommended in several places online by people who keep shrimp in remineralized RO water. I like it because it dissolves almost instantly in water (they must use the dihydrate form of the salts), unlike Seachem equilibrium which I had issues with. It also has a relatively low TDS as compared to Equilibrium. It's easy for me to add it to a bucket of RO water and double-check the concentration with a TDS meter. For a GH of 6 it has a TDS of ~200ppm. It is more expensive than other options, but for my 10 gallon the smallest bottle has lasted almost 3 years and it is what I settled on as the easiest thing to do.

EDIT: From a reddit post I found this about another of their products. I guess the shrimp mineral gh/kh+ product would be similar but with more KH ingredients, though I'm not sure:
Bee Shrimp Mineral GH +
Soft Water Mineral GH +
17.88% Calcium
6.76% Magnesium
2, 11% Potassium
0.69% Hydrogen Carbonate
41.50% Chloride
16.91% Sulfate
0.35492% Trace Elements

I would love it if I could use tap water instead. Especially now with this larger tank, that would make things much easier! However, my city tap water is weird and terrible (notoriously so). Let me give details. It is very soft (Hardness 3.96 - 11.9 mg/L = <1dGH), and yet has very high bicarbonate (382 mg/L) so a very high pH (8.5-8.7). Sodium levels are also high (181 - 207 mg/L). Calcium is so low (3.23 mg/L). Anecdotally, everyone will tell you it will kill your (terrestrial) plants, and I know the greenhouses on campus use a lot of RO water. I don't think freshwater aquatic plants would enjoy that much sodium either? The TDS is 400ppm out of the tap. And I would still have to add in more minerals.

Water report from 2019:
Click image for larger version

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Your thoughts welcome!

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