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Default Re: Setting up a new 29gal NPT

Originally Posted by chodovet View Post
Well, this may be naive of me but I’m not too worried about weird stuff from the pond. I figure any random organisms will either add to the natural ecology of the tank, die off when they run out of food as things balance out in the aquarium, or be eaten when I eventually get fish. We’ll see! I don’t have a UV filter but will look into it before getting fishies.

Today the ammonia is below 0.5, and nitrite is off the chart! So, things are happening at least. I suspect the substrate is still releasing a bunch of nitrogen. I didn’t get a chance to check nitrate but will do that tomorrow. EDIT: Nitrate is 5-10ppm. Ran nitrite again diluted 1:2 and still >5ppm. Might do a water change tonight..

A stem plant I also brought home from the pond is going crazy - it has doubled in height in 24 hours and is almost to the top of the water! I need to try to figure out what it is.
You're absolutely right. My tank has survived my foolish attempt at a daphnia culture lol. I thought they'd be great to add to the tank as a natural food source, but they die quickly if there isn't a ready source of algae in the water. Then, the separate culture tank I had kept crashing and then I noticed all kinds of weird other stuff... it's just something I wouldn't do again, but you're right that things should all balance out.

That plant is so familiar. I could swear I saw it on a Florida aquatic plant website for plant identification, but can't remember the name of it. Someone here should know. If not, I can see if I can find that website again for you.
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