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Default re: Roy's 30 Gallon Red Spot Green Discus F1

Hi All,


Well it has been a week since the last update. The fish are doing fine as are the plants. The tanks is clear and the PAR level increased to [email protected] now that the cloudiness is gone. I did a 33% water change this week, dosed 4.5 ml of Seachem Comprehensive twice and glutaradehyde (Excel strength) Initial Dose (4 tsp) once. The water parameters after the water change were:
pH = 7.6
dKH = 2.0
dGH = 2.0
Ca = 15 ppm
Mg = 0 ppm
NH3 = 0.25 ppm
NO2 = 0.0 ppm
NO3 = 0.0 - 5.0 ppm

I don't know why my pH climbed this week, my CO2 is actually higher (about 40 ppm) is it possible the HTH sand is not totally inert? I added 2.0 ml of Muriatic Acid to the tank and that dropped the pH to 6.4 after 24 hours. I will monitor the pH for the next couple of weeks and see if it creeps back up. The fish didn't show any signs of distress.

It looks like the species fish will be arriving soon. In the meantime the plants seem to have settled in fine. The Persicaria sp. 'Kawagoeanum' has a couple of new leaves showing good color. The Myriophyllum sp. 'Guyana' seems to be a slow grower but there is one new leaf and it seems to be larger than the emersed grown leaves. I added some Eleocharis sp (possibly robbinsii?) to the tank that was growing submerged in my 75 gallon and I trimmed down. The other emersed grown stems I added a week or so ago are also showing new growth and looking healthy. The Ludwigia sp. 'Red' isn't showing any red coloration but with [email protected] it may not show color until it gets very near the surface (if at all).

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