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Default Cady's Amano Breeding Adventure

After much research and fascination, I've decided to attempt breeding amanos! There is still very little information on breeding them on the internet anywhere, and most of it isn't very specific. After finding out that most amano shrimp are wild caught (with a few exceptions), I was honestly shocked. I was thinking about trying a brackish tank anyways, so why don't we start this now.

The overall plan is simple. It's just about refining the paramaters for the larvae. Right now, I'm acclimating a set of plants in a standard 10 gallon tank to slightly higher levels of salt than they're used to. I didn't know that so many plants could survive in brackish water! Right now it's stocked with:
Anubias coffeefolia
Crypt Balansae
Java fern
Leopard Val
Dwarf Saggiteria.

I'm interested to see how these do in the brackish environment. I also intend to get Java moss as well as bacopa caroliniana to more heavily plant this tank up.

At the moment, the paramaters aren't stable as any amount of cycling in the sponge filter was killed by the slow addition of salt. I currently add about a 2 tablespoons per day to slowly up the salinity. My goal at this moment in time is to reach a specific gravity of 1.013. This is a good middle ground, as it can be easily raised and lowered to suit the needs of the larvae.

The breeding stock of amanos (I believe there are 10?) currently live in my 20gal long. They've probably been in there for a month, and have adapted wonderfully. I haven't noticed any berried females as of yet, but I'm watching them very closely. I have a feeling I'm going to loose a few batches of babies as I narrow down their requirements, but as long as the mothers survive, I'm a happy camper.

The overall plan for breeding them is to allow the adults in the main tank to breed. Supposedly the gestation period for amanos is 5-6 weeks, so for that period of time I will be closely monitoring the pregnant females. I'm going to assume for the sake of science that the gestation period is 6 weeks. After the fifth week, I will drip acclimate the mother shrimp very slowly to fit the parameters of the brackish tank. (I don't know exactly how I'm going to put the least amount of stress on them, as there is the possibility that they will stress and abort the young.) Amano shrimp go to brackish water to breed in the wild, so I'm hedging my bets and assuming that some salt isn't the end of the world, and that they can handle the salinity change. (What I could do if the salinity ends up being an issue for the mother shrimp is lowering the specific gravity very slightly for the period of time that she inhabits the tank from 1.013 to 1.011-1.010 ish. I don't believe this will be an issue though.) Once the mother shrimp is in the tank, I'll give her another week or so until she gives birth. From there I will remove her from the tank and acclimate her back to the fresh water from the main tank. Once the larvae are born, the fun is just getting started! Assuming the paramaters are perfect, they should flourish in the tank. I've read that they can eat brewers yeast as well as types of phytoplankton. I'm going to attempt the yeast first, but if that doesn't work I'll jump into culturing some plankton. From there it's just about raising up the young until they're old enough to sell!

Jeez louise man there's so much to do! I will update this journal whenever anything particularly interesting happens, but things atm are moving very slowly. The brackish tank needs to reach the ideal specific gravity *and* cycle, and the amanos need to breed for anything to move in project wise.

Please let me know if there are any flaws in my logic, as well as if you've ever bred amanos before and had any thoughts about how to improve my little experiment!

(I will link pics of the brackish tank. I'm aware it needs more plants, and I'm in the process of finding the perfect species. Lmk also if you know any other plants that can survive in brackish!
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