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Default Re: Setting up a new 29gal NPT

Things seem to be going well and stable. I did some plant trimming and rearranging. Nitrates were under 5ppm, so I started getting impatient for fish (besides my one Gambusia mosquitofish friend - I put one back outside but couldn't catch the other), so I visited a local pet store (a chain but seems better fish than the big chain stores) yesterday and came home with 8 Black neon tetras and 2 small nerite snails. I acclimated them carefully and everyone seems to be doing well (except I can only find one nerite at the moment). I was prepared to remove the mosquitofish, but there haven't been any shows of aggression and it sometimes even schools with the neons, so I haven't yet.

Lots of bubbles coming up from the substrate, and I've been poking it with a wire to release more. They don't smell bad, so I think we're okay. The vals and sag are sending out lots of runners!

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