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Default alternanthera reineckii died 24 hours after submerged

Hello! This is my first post in this forum, and hopefully somebody can help me with the issues I'm facing regarding my alternanthera reineckii mini's.

Just 24 hours after I planted it in my aquarium it melted away immediately. Look at the picture below. There are some reineckii's that are perfectly healthy that I planted with the DSM method 2 months ago. The tank has been flooded for 1 week and have good lighting, a lot of flow but currently no CO2 yet. Substrate is Seachem Fluorite Black and it's a 15 gallon tank.
Image preview doesn't work, links provided.

This picture is taken just after the planting, about 24 hours earlier.

Couple of days later the reineckii's are almost completely gone:

Is this a natural part of the transition and will they eventually re-grow or what happened?
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