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Default Re: Mudboot's Return to the 125

I made some progress this evening now that my driftwood seems to have leached the heaviest (or whatever the term is) of the tannins. I am fine with a little, as some amount of tannins work really well with a lot of species.

Tomorrow the lighting, "grocery list" and the black background show up. Once I get the background on I can set the tank where I want it fill'er it's ALMOST plant and critter time!!!

In the meantime here's what I've got so far:

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There is a slight chance that Melinda will want to let Pio, her betta call this place home, in which case there will be a small piece of driftwood added toward the right side somewhere. My guess is one betta in a 125 is not going to make much difference to the rest of the fauna.

Tentative plans are just that, tentative, but the main attraction will be Apistogramma elizabethae IF I CAN FIND THEM...not an easy task so far.
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