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Actually there is only one part of my CO2 system I haven't leak tested, it just occured to me, its the gas line from the bubble counter which is attached near the CO2 tank. Its brand new standard air line Aquael 4/6mm, aquariums only 3 wks old, so I never suspected a leak there. I should block the end of the gas line, put the gas line in a bucket of water, and see if any gas leaks out under pressure.

I have noticed that now I have no diffuser fitted (just the end of the gas line under the water in the aquarium), that the moment I turn off the gas, it back fills with water about 30cm within 5-10 minutes - it fills with water very quickly. Is this normal? My entire gas line (air tubing) is 1.5m long from the CO2 reservoir to my aquarium.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Unfortunately the store I bought my gear from is not very helpful. Asking them questions seems to annoy them. I won't be shopping there anymore. The guy only seems to talk to you when you wave a credit card in front of him!
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