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Thankyou. Will fit a second diffuser I have today and see if that does the same. Just spoke to the store I bought it from and they tell me that its normal to have a diffuser back fill with water, but I explained to him that yes it does work with water, but once it becomes completely filled (no air gap below the ceramic diffuser material) when there is only water there in the diffuser 100%, no gas, and the gas is way back up the gas line, it stops working completely. I have noticed that when it gets partially filled with water it does not work as well as when it is newly fitted, without any liquid inside. They recommend a check-valve, but the store doesn't fit it right at the diffuser and tells me there should be no problems. Unfortunately I won't be near an aquarium store for a while, so will have to get by without a check valve.

As I have not had an aquarium/diffuser for 20 years, I can't remember exactly, but my old Dupla one never had to be cleaned or messed with. I just fitted it once and maybe gave it a clean every once in a while, never remember it having water inside, or if it did, it never stopped working. I am running at low pressure (1 CO2 bubble per 2 seconds, which may be part of the problem). Store owner tells me he runs his at 1 bubble per second. Manufacturer recommends 3-5 bubbles per second, but I have only a 26L tank so am trying to conserve CO2. Might try some higher pressure and see if that helps with the problem.

Thanks for your help.
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