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Default Re: Mudboot's Return to the 125

The aquarium is full of water and has MOST of the plants in...still have one more visit to make and I've got a few sample stems coming in this week as well. I'll update pics once the water clears up some, as well as make a list of what's in there.

This will not be "biotope" water is moderate with a pH somewhere between 7.0-7.5 and moderate KH and GH values (a slightly darker color shade than the 60 and 80 color chips respectively) seems like it'll be a stable environment with a broad suitability, but limited to only two species of Apistogramma (A.caucatoides and A.eubotus) no A.elizabethae as I had my heart set on. Temp is set at 76 F.

I have the lights set up such that there are some intentionally lower light areas and higher light areas, so I'll have to wait a while to see how the various plants perform in various placements. Anyway, I am glad to be making some progress and look forward to snapping a pic perhaps later this week.
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