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Question Ongoing algae war

Iíve been battling algae for a few years now and sheepishly ask the APC community for their kind assistance. Iíve ready the Sears Conklin article, tried PMDD, tried various test kits etc and still struggle with algae, mostly just plain green algae, but a little BGA and a little hair algae too. I find that spot treating with H2O2 can kick back the BGA, but some plants donít take kindly to peroxide.

55 gallon tank, Aqua Clear 110 filter with a Fluval power head in the other end for good circulation. CO2 and Finnex LED on timer for 10 hoursíday. 250 W heater, holding at about 75F. Fish load is pretty light, 8 harlequin rasboras, two clown loaches (they immediately eliminated snails when they were introduced a few years ago), 2-3 serpae tetra, 3-4 rummy nose tetras, 2 glow lite tetras, and two angel fish. Fish are fed Tetra min automatically 2x daily. Itís been a year or two since I lost a fish (over-did the H2O2 treatment; should have listened to my Mrs!)

I have a lot of java fern and crypts, one large amazon sword, a few Anubias, and a bit swath of hydrophilia. I bought some staurogyne repens and some glossostigma at my LFS, and the staurogyne is OK, the glosso is struggling. Both have some new growth, but I wouldnít say theyíre thriving.

I dose the PPS system daily. In 250 ml RO water, I add 14.65 g K2SO4, 16.3 g KNO3, 1.45 g KH2PO4, and 10.1g MgSO4. For trace elements, I use CMS+B 1/2T in 8 ounces of water. Dose the macros at 1/4 ounce daily, trace at 10 ml daily. Previous to this I used PMDD phosphate free, but had pretty much the same algae problem before moving to PPS. I have put a few fertilizer tabs around some of the bigger plants, every 6 months or so.

I do a 30-40% water change weekly, scrubbing algae off the glass and the larger plants. My replacement water is RO treated well water to which Iíve added 3 gallons of untreated well water (in a 30 gallon reservoir) along with 1/2T of Sea Chem Equilibrium

Iíd really like to e able to do water change once a month instead of every week. What am I doing wrong that I still struggle with algae. If I donít do the weekly scrub and water change, I have so much algae n the glass that you canít see whatís inside!

Iím not much of an on-line fellow, this is my first post to a forum.
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