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Default Re: Ongoing algae war

Another update. Since still fighting algae, I used the fert calculator from Rotella Butterfly/Barr report. Continuing with PPS, I set it for 250 ml solution, dosing 1/4 ounce daily. It gave me the following:

KNO3 11.32 g
KH2PO4 0.994 g
K2SO4 20.57 g

For trace, also use 250 ml solution, 10 ml daily dose
MgSO4.7H2O. 5.28 g
CSM+B. 7.97 g

I also used 50 ml Excel at water change, then 10 ml daily dose.

I lost two fish right around that time - a clown loach and a black marble angel. First I’ve lost fish in ages.... not sure if Excel was in excess.... I did see the haziness the first day or two and als saw black brush algae quickly turn purple/red and die. Unfortunately, it didn’t do much for the other algae in the tank, about three days after water change it starts on glass and plant leaves. Quite difficult and tedious t remove from plant leaves. Note that the plants are growing pretty well, also seeing pearling. But still frustrated with algae. I haven’t reduced light time, holding that as last resort.

Tom mentioned somewhere in a post that ammonia is often a key algae driver. I have the aquaclear 110, which I believe is plenty big enough for 55 gal, with sponge elements that I rinse with tap water (well, no chlorine) each week at water change.

Can you guys give me further tips - rescue me from this algae curse!!

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