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Default Re: Ongoing algae war

I’m a little confused with this recommendation. Over on the algae finder page, the entry for green spot algae says this stuff is difficult to remove from plant leaves - I think this is my algae monster. Under that entry, it says that low PO4 is the culprit. Dosing PO4 at 2 ppm should eliminate it. I’d need about 20x more PO4 than Im using to get to this level.

I have not reduced light. I’m trying t hold that as last resort... kind of like having my lights on so I can enjoy all the work!

I’ve used H2O2 before.... it certainly works n BGA, but I think my annubia’s didn’t like it at all. Other plants didn’t seem to mind it, but annubia didn’t appreciate spot treatment.

By the way, my light is a Finnex Planted +.... it’s bright! 96 red LED, 16 blue, did’t count the white ones. I believe the blue is supposed to be “moonlight”. I just noticed these were switched off. Since my light is on timer, do I just leave the blue ones off?
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