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The actual owner of the store is Kirt and he is really into planted tanks. I was in today to check out the monday fish shipment (some nice apistos and plecos that will likelly be gone quick) and he mentioned that one of the staff had talked to some folks about possibly meeting there. He didn't have more info than that at the time. I have since sent him an email to let him know about SCAPE and I am sure he wouldn't have a problem with meeting there.

The nice thing is we don't (shouldn't) have to focus on one store. We seem to be getting a good mix of locations ( and once more people admit where they live to at least the zip code level we can probably try for a once every 3 months big meeting and localized meetings monthly.
That seems pretty reasonable. You could even rotate the big meetings between areas every 3 months so have one in SD then 3 months later OC, then 3 months later LA, etc... I wouldn't mind helping to organize a meeting here in LBC or even help organize an LA County or Southbay group for SCAPE if there is interest.
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