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Default 20 gallon long planted tank setup for sale

Hello everyone first post here

I have a 20 gallon long setup that unfortunately I never had a chance to setup because I just got layed off

I planned on this being a planted tank and purchased excellent equipment and substrate for this type of aquarium. Tank and equipment are all brand new and unused.

The setup includes:

20 Gallon long black trim aquarium

wrought iron double stand(nearly perfect couple scuffs on it when bought)

glass canopy

24 inch 65 watt Coralife single linear strip light with 6700K bulb with 0 hours on it.

Eheim Ecco 2232 cannister filter with included filter media.

75 watt Marineland Stealth aquarium heater

3 bags of Eco-Complete planted aquarium substrate for a total of 60 pounds which will give you a great substrate base for your plants.

plus 2 pieces of maylasian driftwood that I hand picked for the setup I had planned.

I payed around $350 for everything less than 2 months ago but I can't afford to plant and stock the tank at the moment and I have bills coming up.

I'll give you everything listed for $180 so if your planning on starting a planted this is a bargain.

let me know if your interested.

thank you
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