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Hello everyone!!! Thanks for having me!!!

Anyway, I will be setting up a 110 gal tank for some large fish (pacus, arrowana, pleco) I would like to carpet the tank with a combo of 2/3 different types of grasses/mosses...Im looking for prolific/hardy types easy to maintain...I will be creating low caves and may add some driftwood, but Im not looking for height with regards to decoration so that I can maximize swimming room for the fish..Im not interested in taller plants which can be easily pulled and uprooted...I plan to aquascape the tank and establish the plant growth for a month or so, before adding fish...though a fish keeper all my life, Im new to acquascaping, so any suugestions on grasses/mosses will be appreciated...Ill be following up with questions on the media to use in the tank and on fertilizing... Thanks for your help!!!
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