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Hi all.. just found this site and hope you can help. I have a new tank - 55 gallons, been set up for just a couple of weeks now. I have 3 plants - a sword (not sure what type), anacharis, and a java fern. On all plants, there is a white fuzz... I would call it fuzz algae except its white, not green. (is there such a thing as white algae?) The fish are fine (white clouds, zebras, and a couple albino cory's is all thats in there right now) and not much of the white stuf on the gravel or rocks.

Any idea what this stuf is? And if it's bad stuf, what do i do to get rid of it?

Water ph is around 7.0 to 7.2 (seems to vary slightly), water hardness is at 5, nitrates and ammonia are nil. Anything else i should test for? Ive been trying to find references to this stuf on the net, but havent found much.

Your help is much appreciated! Im new to all this... and i see there is SO much to learn!

Thanx again.
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