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"Now if only I could figure out how to get no sureface movement I think it would be ok!"

What if you added a cap to the outlet piece and drilled holes into the back of the outlet section as to throw water onto the back piece of glass of the aquarium. Then the water would be "thrown" onto the back of the glass, then falling down the glass and into the aquarium. This might limit splashing and turbuance on the surface.

You also need one big hold near the top as to act as an "uh-oh" over flow to prevent water from backing up and falling out of the aquarim. A threaded cap on top of hte whole unit might be a good idea.

---- OR ----

Or you could just extend the overflow toa ctually go into the water. That would eliminate movement and don't think a small piece sticking into the water from the top will be very noticable.

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