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hi all

I am using a JBJ regulator/bubble counter, Milwaukee pH controller, and a Reactor 1000 on the outtake line of my Eheim 2126.

There's about 3 feet of CO2 tubing from the Reactor 1000 to my JBJ regulator. I'm doing a gradual bubble rate of maybe one bubble every few seconds (for gradual pH change).

Well, I came home tonight to find that my desired pH had been reached, so the Milwaukee pH controller, as expected, shut off my CO2. That's fine. What concerns me is that water from the Reactor 1000 went up the CO2 line all the way to the tip of the bubble counter. Now, I know the JBJ has a built in check valve, but shouldn't I be concerned about water flowing up the CO2 tube from the Reactor 1000 to the JBJ every time the CO2 shuts off? I'm thinking maybe I should install another check valve closer to the Reactor 1000 - what do you think? To clear the tube I manually turn the CO2 on high for a few seconds... or, perhaps my bubble rate might eventually clear the tube, but again I'm using a slow bubble rate, might take a while.

I looped my CO2 tubing in an incline by the Reactor 1000, but alas the water went up the incline and came back down to the JBJ. Thoughts? Recommend another brand of check valve?

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