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Thanks, guys! I actually just ordered two bulbs from AHS last night; a 5500K and a 6500K. I guess I will just have to ask around to see if any store will take in my old ones; they are new just not what I needed. I made this decision because for the most part, I think plants will still benefit more from 5000-6500K bulbs than 10,000-Actinic bulbs. I do agree with you guys that the 10,000K and the Actinic would grow plants. Somehow my memory kept on bringing me back to my botany class in which we learned that plants grown under blue light fared better than red light. Actinic is suppose to be blue but then how come so many people insist they are useless for growing freshwater plants? So since I got mostly uncertain or negative answers regarding these bulbs I therefore decided to play it safe and just get two bulbs with K readings that everyone agrees would grow plants. The tank I have already set up everything except the plants because of lack of light. I will take pictures to show you guys. All in all, it is aimed to be somewhat low-maint and Amazon-flavored.

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