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I get what you are saying and yes indeed i share your sentiments. Here is a part of a post i made elsewhere:
"While the news keeps telling us that these are poor countries with high population densities (as though thats some consolation to find in the numbers), there are still 120,000 individuals dead and the waves didnt give a BLEEP as to who they were coming after. Regardless of how poor, uncivilized or wretchedly underdeveloped some may label them, they are picking themselves up after a disaster, the scale of which we in our comfort zones find difficult to comprehend (and the best emotions we can come up with are awe, condescending pity and a sprinkling of sorrow in that order).

ps: before someone gets off on my rant, its directed at no one on this board, forum or topic, but at a much larger audience."

The fact that the corporate media in this country and their standards are one of the worst anywhere is well established(they either swing fully to the left or fully to the right, any impartial reporting comes from people who are labeled as kooks and "tabloid"), and sure there have ben grave humanitarian disasters totally man made and engineered by the western nations, for example, the ethnic cleansing of the native americans carried out here in the 18-19th century, they were told to stay in one place and food would be provided (sort off like saying you guys are nomads so instead of wandering around for food why dont you stay here and we'll give you food), they were then given lard. That completely changed their characteristics, from skillful hunter-gatherers they became obese and diabetic, their culture food habits completely changed. The dutch in Indonesia killed over 2 million people trying to convert them to catholic christianity. But I was not making that point.
Dont you think however with the media concentrating on this event, instead of GWB's speech to cattle growers, that people have been made aware of this event and it is just the media reporting that forced the US to increase its aid from 2 million to 35 million to $350 million? and Japan to $500 million? I think we all have a bone to pick with the rich and powerful nations, but the disaster is a reality and it is the moral duty of everyone as humans to help in whatever way dont you think? There are people still dying irrespective of disasters which do not get media coverage, but the ones that they do cover can only result in good.
If everyone came together to help everyone,everytime, everyplace, then we would be living in utopia and I think mankind has a long way to go before it can achieve that level of maturity.
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