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Default Re: Is there a danger of back pressure using solenoid?

Originally Posted by Barbels
I have just ordered my Co2 regulator from Glass Gardens. It is the Milwaukee MA957. I tried to find one without the solenoid, but this is the only model I could find.
This does have the solenoid and while I think I'm happy that I can shut it off at nite, I'm concerned about Co2 buildup or back pressure.
Is there any danger or problem when shutting off at nite? Please say no.
The regulator will still hold the pressure down to whatever you have set it to, 10-15psi for example. Anything blocking the gas flow after the regulator will only encounter 10-15psi of pressure. Try blocking the tube with your finger for example, the pressure is very low after the regulator.

Oh also, so should I also shut off my reactor at night?
I guess you could, can't see many reasons why you "should" or "shouldn't". Besides power consumption and pump life, the only thing I can think of is that when you turn the reactor off it usually also releases any leaves or other debis that have collected around the intake of the pump, this would be my main reason for turning it off, when I used a powered reactor I used to have a timer turn it off and on 3-4 times a day just for this purpose.

Hope that helps
Giancarlo Podio
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