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Ever wonder how plants are shipped from Asia to the USA? Oriental aquarium ships their plants in almost vacum sealed bags with little or no water. They are not completely vacum sealed as there is some air in the bags but not much. Extreme heat still causes them to melt though when shipped this way in the summer.

I really do not think it makes any difference if you use wet newspaper or wet paper towels. You simply want to provide enough moisture to keep them from drying out and to help keep them cool. Besides, what do you do with plants that are too big to go in a baggie? Wet paper towels are a mess to deal with. Some of you guys have sent ME plants this way and I can tell you it ain't fun to pick out little globs of paper from the plants. I find it annoying.

If you can use UPS instead of the post office, do it if you want it to arrive guaranteed on a specific day. Priority mail takes 3 to 4 days now in many parts of the country. Even Express mail can take up to 3 days in some areas. Use cold packs, even if you don't use foam. Seal all the edges of the box with tape to prevent air from getting inside the box. Filling any empty space in a box with foam peanuts will help prevent damage to plants from shifting and help insulate the plants.

From 1999 to 2002 I kept changing the way I packaged plants at other peoples suggestions because different people all had their own perfect way of shipping. I've shipped them in sealed bags with water, without water, wrapped in wet newspaper, loose between sheets of wet newspaper, in foam boxes... and basicaly got the same results in each case. The biggest most noticeable difference is in the length of time they spend in shipping, regardless of how you package them. When I recieve literally large boxes packed full of plants from Florida every week, they are not wrapped in wet newspaper, or individually bagged, they are inside one large plastic bag with wet newspaper on the bottom and on the top, and sometimes in additional layers. Sometimes there is some damage but if there is any at all it is minimal. But they are sent to me next day air, or two day air.
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